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Period 1

 8th Grade-Life and Career Planning

Period 2

 8th Grade-Life and Career Planning

Period 3

 6th Grade-Personal Development

Period 4

 6th Grade-Personal Development

Period 5

 7th Grade
Career Investigation

Period 6

 7th Grade
Career Investigation















Learning Target Calendars and Syllabus are in Files and Documents

Hello Wonderful Benton Students, I sure hope you are healthy and making the most of this time with your family.  Hopefully, this will be over before we know it! 
An important note, I now have access to the HUB (as of Wednesday, 22 April).  Students and parents if you have questions or concerns about your grades please email me at sizemota@pwcs.edu.  My office virtual office hours are Fridays 1:30pm - 3:00pm and my Instructional time is Monday 10:00am-11:30am. 
We complete all the competencies and learning targets for the computer lab, so maybe you can help your family make a budget this week.  

8th Grade  -  Mrs. Sizemore's 8th grade classes started out in the computer lab, so our review will start there.  We used the website www.getyourfacshere.com to complete our Hands on Banking Module.  The program is called Money Matters 2.0.  You can log on to the website and review the program if you want to. The password is facsfan.  If you did not finish the program, now is a good time to do it. You may not have your handout that we used but that is fine.  You can still utilize the program to learn all about money, where it comes from, how to use it wisely and even a little on investing!  This module covered learning target LC - 8.  We also used the STITCH-ON module from this same website to review our stitches and sew our puppets.  This covered learning target LC-11 &12.  If you did not complete these and want to improve your grade please email me to discuss assignments to get an adjustment on your grade.  

6th Grade - Mrs. Sizemore's 6th grade classes also started in the computer lab with the Hands on Banking, Money Matters packets.  The website is www.getyourfacshere.com and the password is facsfan.  This module covered Learning target PD-10.  If you want to go back and review the things you learned about a budget, savings and checking guides and credit please do so.  If you did not finish the module, now would be a good time to do it.  You can email me if you want to redo the module or just complete it to improve your grade.  The STITCH-ON module is also on this website.  We used this module to learn the different stitches and make the pop-tart pouch.  This covers learning targets PD-11 and 12. You can log-on and review your hand-stitches.  There are a few other projects on the website that you can work on as well if you parent or guardian has the supplies.  If you didn't finish your pouch and would like to for a better grade, please email me.  

7th Grade - For my 7th graders, you can still access your Virtualjobshadow.com account from home.  Each week the website highlights jobs and careers with videos and interviews.  Please stay connected and peruse some of the videos and activities the website provides if you can do so.  Also, all of our assignments came from our folder that corresponded with the website.  Each day we had an assignment that utilized the website.  We had to do several assessments that were graded.  If you did not finish some of the assessments and want to do so for a better grade please email me.  Our first assessment was the "Career Cluster Interest Survey".  Log onto the website, Benton was your password.  Once you are in go to tools, then assessments, scroll down and find the assessment that you want to work on.  I think there were 3 under tools that were graded. We also did the "Interest Profiler" and "Work Importance Locator".   Another website everyone enjoyed was the www.dreamitdoitvirginia.com.  We used this website to do the activity, 'Budget Your Life".  Log on and play around with that website as well.  It has a lot of activities to help you determine the career that matches your lifestyle.  The assignments covered learning targets C-2,3,4,5 and 6.  If you did not complete any of these assignments please email me so we can get you caught up and adjust your grade.  

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