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June 1-12, 2020

Week 8 and 9

Please start here by watching my Explanation Video of what we are doing this week and next: “coming soon”

We are turning to Energy these last 2 weeks in our review and this will take us to the end of our virtual school year. You will notice a lot more activities than usual, and that is due to the timing of our “science day”, I thought you would like to have what we are doing the next 2 weeks so that they can easily all be done before next Friday June 12, the last day of school. As always, the activities are optional and not graded and they are designed to fulfill 2 weeks worth of home school, so complete them as you and your family see best. They can be accessed by clicking on each link below, or to the left in Files & Docs/Virtual School Room/Week 8 & 9 folder. 

  1. This "Edpuzzle: Energy Transformations" activity will review energy transformations.Be sure to watch it until the end and answer the 4 questions.
  2. Nearpod #1: “Reviewing Energy Transformations” will continue to review energy transformations.Use the code: ZBROG
  3. Play this 10 question "QUIZIZZ: Energy Transformations" review what you just learned in the edpuzzle and nearpod. Go to and enter code: 0255035
  4. Flocabulary: "Heat Transfer" has been assigned. Go to and log into your account. Due June 12. If you forget your username and password, email me and I can reset it for you.
  5. Nearpod #2: “Using Thermal Energy” will teach you the difference between heat and thermal energy. Use the code: MDENU
  6. Brainpop: Heat Transfer. {UN: benton PW: cougar} When you finish, you can do the other activities that follow, the quiz, games, writing, etc.
  7. Nearpod #3: “Sustainability: Alternative Energy”. This will help you review all alternative energy sources, ones that are renewable vs. non-renewable. Use code: TSJEG.
  8. Energy Challenge: “Solar Ovens”                        ***Parent Supervision IS REQUIRED***

This week you will be challenged to create a solar oven and then try it out.  The list of supplies you may need include:  a box, tin foil, saran wrap, dark (black) paper, straw, tape, etc.  Parent supervision is required for cutting the box and the heating portion.  You are asked to research how to make different kinds of solar ovens, choose a design and create it, then try to use it to make something like smores or heating a piece of a pizza or a hot dog.  Please take pictures and/or video and share with me!  I would love to see your designs and how they turn out!

Some useful links for solar ovens:  (there are lots of others you can research)

9. No Zoom Class this week
 *Please keep sending me pictures of you doing science for our end of year video!

Stay Nerdy!
Mrs. Champion

May 26-29, 2020

Week 7

Start Here to watch my Explanation Video of what we are doing this week.
The last two weeks we’ve been studying water and this week we look toward the sky and focus on weather. Speaking of weather, in my opinion we have had some great weather lately.

Wednesday May 27th, there is a very important event happening that will only happen if there is good weather…do you know what that is? YES! It’s the first space launch since 2011. NASA and SpaceX will launch 2 American Astronauts in the Dragon DM-2, destination International Space Station (ISS)! This is a HISTORIC Event and I hope you tune in to the the NASA live Stream TV to watch!
The activities this week will focus on weather and climate reading and research, then we’d like you take a poll on whether or not the shuttle will launch based on your research. We also hope you will watch the Launch via NASA LiveStream. Enjoy the week!

1. NearPod Lesson and High and Low Pressure Systems: "Weather Systems: High Pressure vs. Low Pressure" CODE: UTHBW

2. Click this link to read “Why Weather Rules Exist”.

3. Read this article on “3 weather obstacles that SpaceX faces when launching rockets into space.

4. Download and Study the 45th Weather Squadron Weekly Planning Forecast and 24 Hour Planning Forecast. Compare the 2 and look closely at Wednesday May 26, 2020 Forecast Conditions. Look also at Saturday May 30, 2020, which is the alternate day to launch if weather does not permit.

5. Do you think that the weather conditions will be just right for the launch set for Wednesday May 27th? Or do you think Saturday May 30th will end up being the launch date? Send me an e-mail and tell me what you think, be sure to provide details from your readings and research to support your answer! Mrs. Champion's e-mail is:

6. Check out this link for the Launch Party Guide. Live streaming begins at 11am, lift off is set for 3pm on Wednesday May 27th, 2020.   There is a guide to the Mission, how to dress, a song play list to play while watching and even cool recipes for food and drink, all space related!

7. NO ZOOM this week.

Have fun this week and Stay Nerdy!


May 20, 2020
Week 6

Please start by watching my Science Week 6 May 20 Explanation Video to see me letting you know what to do!
This week week we are continuing
 our review on the Importance of Water and Watersheds. Last week we learned about Riparian Buffers (stream buffers) and how they help keep our streams and rivers clean. This is important, especially as these streams and rivers are tributaries of our Chesapeake Bay. We need these streams and rivers to bring clean water to our bay! This week are going to take a look at one very interesting organisms that come out of the Bay-The Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab. These crabs need to eat to survive-do you know what they eat?  GRASS! Remember our grasses we were growing in class-must be a forest in there now! HA! At one time the grasses practically disappeared because of so much pollution. However, since 2010, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) has been working hard to restore these important grasses. Have fun learning these important lesson while doing the assignments below! They are also in Files and Documents-Virtual School House. 
1. "Guide to Underwater Grasses"-look at all the many different varieties of grasses!
2. Watch the EdPuzzle Video on the Blue Crab. Listen carefully and answer the questions as you move through the video. 
3. "Blue Crab 101 Investigation"-Open and print out or use your Quarantine INB to read and answer the questions. The Dive Deep scenarios are good and challenging!
4. Play the "Water Review Kahoot" Game Pin: 07678742
5. "Wetlands & Watershed BINGO"-Play with family! Download the number of BINGO cards needed along with the call sheet. Use candy or cereal as place markers and don't forget to call BINGO!
6. Zoom-YES! Let's play BINGO! For this to work, I will need you to RSVP for the Zoom call. If you are going to attend, TELL ME ASAP by replying to the e-mail, I will reply ASAP with the Page # of the Bingo card you need to download and print. Then, just meet me in Zoom and it will be fun! I love game day! 


May 14, 2020
Week 5

Start by watching my Science Week 5 May 14 Explanation Video to see my face and to tell you what to do!
This weeks Virtual Science Lessons can be found in the Files and Documents folder to the left, in Virtual Science Classroom, Week 5 or by clicking on each hyperlink below. Both High Tech and Low Tech lessons are available, all are optional and very good review!
We are changing our academic focus again this week to Watersheds, Riparian Buffers and the Importance of water. 
1. To review what a water shed is, watch this video: "What is a Watershed".
2. Look at the Map of the Virginia Watersheds: "Virginia's Watersheds Map". Review.
3. Check out the Poster for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: "Chesapeake Bay Watershed Poster". Review.
Watch the following EdPuzzle video on Riparian Buffers and answer the questions in the video as you go.
5. This worksheet goes along with the Riparian Buffers EdPuzzle you can print it out to work on, or you can use your Science INB or paper/pencil. "Importance of the Riparian Buffers".
6. Chesapeake Bay and Estuaries Reading and Visuals. "The Chesapeake Bay Watershed"
7. Incorporate Lang. Arts skills with Metaphors. "Wetlands Metaphors" and "Wetlands Metaphors Key"
8. Let's meet for ZOOM on 5/14 (see e-mail for details)

 May 7, 2020
   Week 4

START by watching my Science Week 4 May 7 Explanation Video for an explanation of what to do.
This weeks Virtual Science Lessons can be found in the Files and Documents folder to the left, in Virtual Science Classroom, Week 4 or by clicking on each hyperlink below.
We are changing our academic focus to Matter with an emphasis on Elements, Compounds and the Periodic Table. 
1.  NearPod: Chemical Formulas -Use code: MFTVX
2.  Chemical Formula Notes-you can print this out and take notes as you follow along the nearpod lesson.
3. Element & Compound Practice and Extension Questions.
4.  Periodic Table of Elements-Chart to study and review.
5. Interactive Intro to the Periodic Table-this is an optional extension activity

6. NO ZOOM Class this week. 
7. Need more review and practice? Go to IXL and do section E and F.

 APRIL 29, 2020
   Week 3

Please start by watching my Science Week 3 April 29 Explanation/Intro Video for part of today's lesson and explanation of what to do.
This weeks Virtual Science Lessons can be found in the Files and Documents folder to the left, in Virtual Science Classroom, Week 3 or by clicking on each hyperlink below. 
1. What is a Hypothesis? -A reading with a graphic organizer and check list to study.
2. Independent and Dependent Variable Identification with Scientific Questions & Hypothesis.
3. An EdPuzzle Video "1st Place Egg Drop Ideas using Science", while stopping periodically to answer questions.
4. Nearpod: Experimental Variables. Use code: GPNIM Enter with your First AND Last Name. I will be able to see all your enter and your results!
5. DIY Egg Drop Challenge. Take pictures and Video! Send to me!!!

6. ZOOM Check in. Links will be e-mailed separately. 
7. Need more review and practice? Go to IXL and do A, B, C and H.

APRIL 22, 2020
Week 2

Happy Earth Day!

Please start by watching my Science Week 2 April 23 Explanation/Intro Video for part of today's lesson and explanation of what to do.
This weeks Virtual Science Lessons can be found in the Files and Documents folder to the left, in Virtual Science Classroom, Week 2 or by clicking on each hyperlink below. 
1. What are Variables? -A reading with a graphic organizer to study
2. Independent and Dependent Variable Identification with Scientific Questions.
3. An EdPuzzle Video "Testing if sharks can smell a drop of blood", while stopping periodically to answer questions.
4. NO Zoom Class this week. 
5. Need more review and practice? Go to IXL and do A, B, and C.

A few Announcements
1. Grades close this Friday, all NHI and make-up/retake work must be done and sent to me by Friday April 24, 2020
2. Science Enrichment Classes are available and the application process is now open. Click Here for details and download an application. Deadline is May 4, 2020 to apply.
3. Agenda Cover Contest is being held now! Be the one to design our 20-21 school agenda! See the Benton MAIN PAGE for more details. Submit your design to Mrs. Erickson by May 1, 2020. 


Week 1
Please read: Virtual Classroom Newsletter for April 14-17 
Check out: Virtual Science Classroom Poster
Learning Experiences this week revolve around Earth Day, which is April 22. The activities include the City Nature Challenge-which you can explore nature in and around your home and the Virtual Earth Week in PWCS-which is a map of activities to do with your family all week, starting Monday. If you wish to participate, download the documents that can be found to the left in:
-Files and Docs
-Virtual Science Classroom
-Week 1: April 14-17
***Zoom meetings, learning experiences are all optional and not graded. Students will receive meaningful feedback from me on anything they turn in. 
**You should have received an e-mail to join my Zoom "Science Check-In" meetings on 4/16/2020 at 8:30 (periods 1/5) or 9 (periods 2/6). 

Welcome to the Main Hub of our Virtual Science Classroom! Always start HERE!

The first big change you should notice is our weekly schedule, as seen on the Benton Main Page.

Wednesdays 12-1:30 are Office Hour days, this is a time when you can expect a quick response. As always-I usually respond very quickly and within 24 hours anyway.  When we have Zoom meetings, I will send the link out during this time, so we can Zoom on Thursday mornings during Science Time.

Thursdays 8:30-10 are Instructional days, every Thursday morning a new assignment will be posted here (to the left) under the folder: Files and Documents-Virtual Science Class-Week of___.    We will also sometimes hold a Zoom Class meeting as needed.

***Zoom meetings, learning experiences are all optional and not graded. Students will receive meaningful feedback from me on anything they turn in. 

Also, o
ne of the most important activities you should continue is to LEARN. This is a HISTORIC time in our lives. Use a NOTEBOOK :) to write about this time in your life. Record daily your observations, feelings, activities, questions, hopes, and all that you are experiencing now. Do your research, take notes, observe your natural world. Make graphs and charts of the information you see on the news.  It doesn't have to be a long entry.
And when you are done observing
 READ. Read what you want to read right now. I like to read the news about what's going on in the world, I like to read about fitness and nutrition...or challenge yourself to read a genre you usually don't read. 

I I miss you all, please keep in touch!
Please check out my Virtual Science Classroom Poster

 Stay Well and Stay Nerdy,
Mrs. Champion

6th Grade Scientists and Families,
This week I have posted a schedule with suggested and optional learning activities. All of them can be found in Files and Documents to the left in their specific day. 
You may pick and choose the activities that work best for your family and the time you have available in your schedule. Some activities also require materials and some preparation. Please note, they are not required and will not be graded. 
  ~Stay Nerdy <3 Mrs. Champion







  1. WATCH: Weather vs. Climate Video
  2. READ: Weather vs. Climate-What’s the Difference
  3. DO: Weather & Climate Card Sort


  1. WATCH: Bill Nye-Wind
  2. REVIEW: Weather Unit Review ppt.



  1. NOTES: Air Pressure Quick Notes, ppt and fill in the blank notes.
  2. LAB: Straws & Air Pressure Activity


  1. DO: Pick any 3 or more foldables to print OR create on your own to fill in from the “Weather Interactive Notebook” file.


  1. WATCH: Bill Nye-Climate
  2. REVIEW: Weather Study Guide ppt.
  3. REVIEW: Weather Questions for Review ppt.

Overarching or Extended:

  1. Weather Stations Activity


6th Grade Scientists and Families,

Welcome to homeschooling! We are in Phase 3 of the PWCS distance learning program. This week I have updated my Benton Teacher Webpage with everything we have done in class for Semester 2 and posted my instructional calendar for Feb/Mar.

For now, all you need to do is check studentvue and parentvue and please ensure everything is done and turned in. You have until April 24th to turn in all work to me virtually. I have posted everything by date, and in specific folders, for you to download and do at home.

REVIEW---REDO---and RETAKE is the name of the game this week! You have the opportunity to do it all!

When you finish something, please send it to me, either as an attachment or a picture.

Remember, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions or if you need help!

Congratulations! You made it to my Teacher Page-WELCOME!!!

On my main page-HERE! I will post announcements and starting next week, I’ll let you know about your optional additional learning opportunities. More on that later!

For NOW, if you look to the left, you will see “Files and Documents”

Click on “Files and Documents”. There you will see 2 folders.

  1. Scientific Method- This is ALL the work we did from 2/3/20 until 2/14/20. If you have any of these missing or not turned in on your studentvue gradebook-NOW is the time to get them done! (Don’t print the ppt’s-too BIG! Only print the notes or activity that goes with them, to write on-or type it in and save a copy if you don’t have a printer!)
  2. Layers of the Atmosphere-This is ALL the work we did from 2/18/20 until we left on that sad, sad day on Friday March 13th. Again, check your studentvue, and if you have any not graded-get it DONE!


P.S. Yes, I even put the tests there to retake😊.

Again, anything you complete, just show it to me and I’ll take care of putting it in the grade book for you! April 24th is the due date for all the assignments in the grade book to be done and turned in.

Parents, you are doing a fantastic job! You have wonderful kids, they know what they are doing and CAN do all this, don’t let them fool you!

Next week I’ll let you know what the plan is, until then, stay nerdy!

Miss you all!

Mrs. Champion


                  Class Schedule:  Keep any schedule that works best for you and your family at this time.                                           





Period 1




Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5


Period 6


















Supplies for Mrs. Champion's Science class:
-2 marble composition notebooks (paper cover, not plastic)
-1construction paper package
-1 glue bottle
*note: I do not need he .5 binder listed, just 2 comp. notebooks

Always have on you or in backpack:
-pencils with eraser
-colored pencil

PWCS Lab Safety Contract-Must be read and signed by both parent/guardian and students and returned to me ASAP!