Ms. Geisler

                               Welcome to Virtual School House!

                                                     Home Learning Suggested Practice:
Week 6/10-6/12/20
Math 7 and Alg I:  IXL Practice of your choice:)  Choose any 4 sections (try to challenge yourself) and complete with a Smartscore of 75 or better.  Enjoy!!!!  I will send out invites later today for our Team's Final Fun Friday Gimkit:)

Week of 6/3-6/10/20
Math 7:  IXL is on the schedule for this week:  L.6, L.8, M.6, M.8, M.9, S.6, S.9
Alg I:  IXL AA.3, AA.4, AA.5, AA.6, AA.7, AA.8.  Also on TEAMS in Week 8 channel files tab are some puzzles for you:)

Week of 5/27-6/3/20
Math 7:   Choose Math 7, 20 questions.  
Alg I:    Alg I, all strands, 20 questions.  Also, on Teams is Polynomial Review.

Week of 5/19-5/27/20
Math7:  Proportions on Brainpop.  Go to your class in Teams, click on Week 6 Proportions and find link to Brainpop practice.
Alg I:  Laws of Exponents- Go to TEAMS and find links to Nearpod, Brainpop, and printables.  Always login to Office 365

Week of 5/12
Math 7:  Proportions on Nearpod.  Go to Nearpod through Office 365 and type in the code: CQTYF 
Alg I:  Inequalities.  5 files in Teams folder under Inequalities channel.  (Or go to Monthly Target Calendars and look for this week in Alg I Home Learning folder).

Math 7:  Unit Rates:  Here's a fun game to practice unit rates on brainpop:
Then go to IXL and practice some of these:  7-M.3, 7-M.5, 7-J.5
**Next week on 5/14 we will have a zoom check-in meeting at 9:30.
Alg I:  Practice the different forms of equations: slope-intercept; point-slope; and standard forms.  IXL  S.9, S.23  then go to your math class in TEAMS and find a fun puzzle in the files.
                  Math 7:  Solving inequalities  
1.)   Watch the video  and take quiz
2.)  IXL practice:  Sign in through Clever: T.2, T.3, T.4, T.5, T.6 

             Alg I:  
1.)  See monthly target calendar, Alg I Home Learning for Chapters not covered. There are corresponding page numbers in the book for learning and practice.  Email me with any questions.
2.) Review: Solve systems of equations.  Big Ideas textbook assignment is ready when you log in through Clever.

4/20-4/27 Math 7 Home Learning: 
1.  Access "Brainpop" through Clever and your assignment is under the assignments tab:)  There is a video followed by practice of two-step equations.
2.  More practice for one and two step equations is in Big Ideas Textbook.  Access the assignment through Clever, Math Big Ideas.  (For printable version, go to Monthly Target Calendar and scroll to Math 7 Home Learning folder.  

4/20-4/27 Algebra I Home Learning:
1.)  IXL is a great place to start for graphing and writing various forms of equations.  Sections S.19, S.20, S.21,S.22 and S. 23. When you're practicing, aim for a smart score of 85 or higher:)

2.)  Click on Monthly Target Calendar and scroll to Alg I Home Learning folder for some enjoyable puzzles.

4/14/20Math 7 Home Learning this week is textbook practice Ch. 2.  The assignment is found through Clever and Big Ideas Textbook.  (For printable, go to Monthly Target calendar link, then Math 7 Home Learning folder, 4/14/20).
                   Alg I Home Learning  this week is textbook practice on solving multi-step equations. Watch 2 videos below:

The assignment is in Big Ideas online textbook (found through 365 login and Clever).  The assignment will be electronically graded for your own feedback.  (For printable of this same practice, go to Monthly Target calendar link, then scroll to Alg I Home Learning Folder and, 4/14/20).
Your Khan Academy can now be accessed through Clever and I have re-assigned the sections for solving equations for those of you that haven't completed them.