Ms. Cadence Culp
(703) 791-0727

Welcome to our "new normal," the digital classroom! Below you will find information regarding instructional blocks, virtual meetings, and my office hours. All online learning resources can be found by
clicking on the new "Digital Learning" tab located at the top left of this page. Please note that following Virginia state superintendent guidance, no new work will be assigned for a grade. The use of these resources is completely optional and we encourage parents to preview the learning resources prior to students using them to determine which ones are most appropriate for your family to support the learning of your student(s) at home. I am available via email at should you have any questions.

Instructional Block Schedule:
All instructional blocks will take place on Fridays starting April 17th. Students are encouraged (not required) to attend virtual class meetings during the appropriate time assigned below. You are also encouraged to use this time (8:30-10AM) to explore digital resources or complete optional practice assignments.

 Time Class Period Subject Area
 8:30-9:00AM  1st and 2nd Periods  U.S. History
 9:00-9:30AM  5th and 6th Periods  U.S. History
 9:30-10:00AM  4th Period  Civics and Economics

Virtual Class Meetings:
All virtual meetings will take place during your instructional block time (see schedule above) on Zoom. Before each meeting, I will email the Digital Learning Plan, Unit Newsletter, and Zoom login information for the week. You do not need to attend the virtual meeting to complete the assignment! These meetings are a chance for us to chat and "check-in" with each other. Unless otherwise stated, students will have until the following Friday to complete and submit the activity via email for feedback.

Ms. Culp's Virtual Office Hours:
I will hold regular Office Hours on Mondays from 12-1:30PM starting April 20th. During this time I will closely monitor my email to ensure a quick response. That said, I will continue to be available via email from 8AM-3PM each weekday should you have questions. All virtual meetings will take place during your instructional block time.