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Period 3

Pre-AP Geometry

Period 4

Pre-AP Algebra 1

Period 5

Pre-AP Algebra 1

Period 6

Pre-AP Algebra 1

Period 7

Pre-AP Algebra 1

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Virtual Instructional Block:

Dedicated to optional review of previously learned topics
Geometry: Wednesdays 8.30 - 9.00 am
Algebra 1: Wednesdays 9.00 - 10.00 am

Resources, videos, and optional assignments covering specific review topics will be shared weekly with students via Microsoft Teams. Students can work on these during the instructional block or any other time and address any specific questions or clarifications with me using the chat feature within Teams. I will be responding to these promptly within the allocated  block time or office hours time.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 12.00 - 1.30 pm
This time is reserved for answering any questions on previous week's review or any other general questions.

Sequence of Review Topics:

 Algebra 1  Geometry
 Week 1        Solving Multi-step Equations     Coordinate Geometry
 Week 2     Graphing Linear Equations  Angles and Parallel Lines
 Week 3  Systems of Equations  Angles in Circles
 Week 4  Writing Linear Equations  Triangle Relationships
 Week 5  Inequalities  Congruent Triangles
 Week 6  Operations with Exponents  Similar Triangles
 Week 7  Add, Subtract & Multiply Polynomials  Special Right Triangles
 Week 8  Factoring & Dividing Polynomials  Segments in Circles

During this unprecedented situation leading to school closure for remainder of the academic year, please know that I am available remotely to answer questions and support student learning. I have created our virtual classes in Microsoft Teams, county's preferred digital platform for distance learning. Algebra and Geometry students can access their respective Teams using their Office 365 account the same way they access their school email. 

Students may work on optional review of topics we have covered in class so far. This includes Units 1 through 9 for Algebra and Units 1 through 10 for Geometry. I will continue to post learning resources, video links, and practice materials within Teams covering some of the key topics. A complete listing of all units and associated notes and practice materials is available under Files and Documents Tab to the left. Additionally, students may review resources by visiting 
#GoOpenVA and PWCS Home Learning.

I will continue to stay in touch and share learning resources and tools but it is most important that everyone take care of their health and stay safe and calm in this challenging time.