Ms. M. Clark


Current Review Unit: Revolutionary War (Part 1)
Students can click on the Digital Learning link on the left or go to Microsoft Teams for review material and activities.


Hello Students, Parents, and Guardians,


Thank you for all of your patience and support as we begin to transition to our "new normal," digital learning. Below you will find information regarding instructional blocks, virtual meetings, and my office hours. All online learning resources can be found by clicking on the new "Digital Learning" tab located at the top left of this page. Please note that following Virginia state superintendent guidance, no new work will be assigned for a grade. The use of these resources is completely optional, and we encourage parents to preview the learning resources prior to students using them to determine which ones are most appropriate for your family to support the learning of your student(s) at home.


I have uploaded a new set of resources (videos, games, etc.) for the last objective in the New Nation Unit (7c Political Parties Emerge and First Five Presidents). This can be found in the Digital Learning tab on the left.  Feel free to use any or all of the optional resources provided.


The week of April 13-17 will be focused on completing any NHIs and re-taking assessments that students wish to re-take (or make-up due to absences).  Starting the week of April 20, we will go back and review previous units starting with Geography.  I will provide students with review material and then assign an optional review assignment/project.  (Please remember, according to VA state superintendent guidance, no new work will be assigned for a grade.)


Students and parents can always contact me through StudentVue, ParentVue, and email ( with any questions.  Even if you don’t have any questions, you can always reach out.  


Ms. Clark


Instructional Block Schedule:

All Social Studies instructional blocks will take place on Fridays starting April 17th. Students are encouraged (not required) to attend virtual class meetings during the appropriate time assigned. You are also encouraged to use this time (8:30-10AM) to explore digital resources or complete optional practice assignments.   Virtual class meetings will actually be short (just enough time for any directions to be given and a few minutes to chat).  I will be creating a schedule for class meeting times and post those times here soon.


Virtual Class Meetings:

All virtual meetings will take place during your instructional block time on Zoom. Before each meeting, I will post / email the assignment and Zoom login information for the week. You do not need to attend the virtual meeting to complete the assignment! These meetings are a chance for us to chat and "check-in" with each other. Unless otherwise stated, students will have until the following Friday to complete and submit the activity via email for feedback. If you have not already checked it out, take some time to look at the following link: I have found that downloading and using the app works best, but is not required (you can join a meeting using a web browser).  I will send out a link to each class through your Office365 Teams page.  Students will need to log in with their name and will be sent to a “waiting room.”  I will only allow students to enter the meeting if I recognize his/her name, so please make sure to use your full name and not your parent’s name when logging in.  Please remember that this is a public format and anything you say, show, or post to chat are all required to adhere to the PWC Code of Behavior and Acceptable Use policy (pages 9,10, 12 PWCS Code of Behavior).  Violations to this policy will be reported to administration and can result in disciplinary action.


Ms. Clark’s Virtual Office Hours:

I will hold regular Office Hours on Mondays from 12-1:30PM starting April 20th. During this time I will closely monitor my email to ensure a quick response. I will continue to be available via email each weekday should you have questions outside of my “office hours”. All virtual meetings will take place during your instructional block time. No virtual meetings will be held during office hours.  If a student needs to have a little bit more help, he/she can make an email request to chat via Office365 Teams during office hours.  If available, I will be happy to set that up for students.


Optional Middle School "At-Home Learning" Schedule:

Looking for guidance on how to structure your at-home learning? Try using this PWCS Suggested At-Home Learning Schedule ( that includes active links to optional activities.

Our last target calendar can be found on the Instructional Target Calendars to the left.
There is also a copy of a parent newsletter with information on the New Nation unit in the Files and Documents to the left.

  Previous target calendars can be found in the “Monthly Target Calendars” link on the left.  

Want a synopsis of the current unit?  Go to the class files and documents page to find the parent letter for the corresponding unit.