Mrs. Stacy Blake

Virtual Class
Important Information:


  • Students, please check your Office 365 email account and Canvas account regularly. Be sure to adjust your Canvas notification settings to receive email updates.   Directions for adjusting Canvas notifications can be found here.
  • Practice logging Canvas and your Office 365 email.  We will access and use these two important tools frequently.                                          
  • Parents & Students are you receiving my weekly emails?  If not, please update your email address with the school.  I am now using Parent Vue to send my my weekly emails to parents and students. Parent Vue                                                    
  • US History II is a broad, survey course with the purpose to help students develop independent, critical thinking skills. My purpose is to teach you how to think like a historian and ASK QUESTIONS before drawing conclusions about a topic.
  • The study of history is not the memorization of facts. In this class, students will develop informed opinions and answer complex questions. These are essential traits of an informed citizen. Students will acquire these traits by:
    • analyzing the reliability of sources.  
    • comparing and contrasting different perspectives. 
    • discussing with classmates the motives and influential factors that might contribute to varied points of view about the same topic in American History.