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Language Arts Instruction Tuesday 8:30-10:00
Reading Instruction Thursday 10:00-11:30

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

I hope everyone is doing well and finding ways to cope as we all do our part to slow the progression of COVID-19I have been checking your progress in Lexia, just as I always do when we are in school, and am so happy to see that most everyone has logged onto Lexia and made progress this week. Several students even achieved the 30-unit goal!

Please continue to use Lexia to stay sharp with your reading and comprehension skills.  Many of you have expressed that the grammar lessons in Lexia are the most challenging. For that reason, I have included a link to Khan Academy if you need additional support. Of course, you can also e-mail me with your questions, and I will respond.  

If you are having trouble logging into your Office 365 account in order to get to Lexia, please let me know, and I will help you trouble shoot. 

I miss you all! 

Ms. Leighty 

Khan Academy 
if you need additional help with grammar
-to help you get to Lexia Power Up
-an open-source collection of fiction and nonfiction texts with comprehension questions.

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