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Look at the virtual class item I put on my page. It's kind of fun! I put it in the files and documents section. Have a look!
The county is suggesting 3 times a week for 30 minutes of exercise. My suggestion is everyday for 60 minutes, While this is optional, is it really? It's completely optional for my class, but mandatory for life and health! Have some fun with it! There are still activity suggestions in my files and documents. You guys are so into your phones, why not find a good inside workout that's free and give it a try! Your phone has workouts and nutrition suggestions, including menus. That could be fun as well, trying new nutritious meals!
Here's a great suggestion that I've started. It's good for keeping your head in the game and not getting bored. I've been writing a schedule for the day. It includes a time for cardio workouts and lifting. I put in time for reading, arts and crafts, piano (music), one big chore and meal planning. I also get outside between rain showers. I have my walking partner, Bill the dog, and hopefully you have someone you can do something with some of the time. Don't forget, I have office hours and I can help make suggestions. 
The 4th quarter is going to be distance learning meant for learning but not grading. I will have office hours on Mondays from 1:30-3:00 if you want or need to reach out to me. The final grade of the year will be the average of the 3 quarters. 
I really loved my classes this year, I hope you all know that. I miss you so much.  We're all going to get through this. Wash hands, stay home, exercise, eat right. Remember when I told you that I taught the most important subject? I wasn't lying! I really miss all of you and your big heads! Stay in touch! Check out my links. Enjoy!

Mrs. Stronko