Dan Tarr








Hello students and parents,


I hope everyone enjoyed their very different Spring Break last week.  I also hope everyone is staying safe.  As our "schooling" is changing this week, I wanted to let you know how that would work for us in math. 


Math has designated "office hours" on Tuesdays from 12-1:30.  I will always be available by email throughout the week, but during this time I will get back to you within 5-10 minutes.  I will also be on email if people want to ask questions any other time. 


 Wednesdays from 8:30-10 am is our instructional time.  I am not going to do any direct teaching at this time.  It is all be review material.  I have a folder with a warm up, activities, and videos that students can do during that time or really any time they want.  These are all optional things.  They will not be graded.  The folder is located on my school page under "Files and Documents" and is labeled virtual learning with week 4/13 for Wednesday's date.


Students still have the opportunity to retake any assessments from the 3rd marking period if they would like to improve their grade.  Please have them email with the concept they need to retake.  The warm ups are formative assessments and cannot be redone.  


Please reach out any time with questions and take care of yourselves!


Mr Tarr

 Hi Guys and Girls!
Hope you are all well! Below is some info to help you stay sharp for when school starts back up. Hopefully we will have a fist bump Friday soon.
Mr. Tarr

Math 6 students can use IXL to practice solving equations.
An updated target calendar for March is in the files section.
It is labeled March-Closure.

Extended math students we are working on word problems with fractions.
We have not started decimal word problems yet. 

All math classes can use IXL to log in and from the same locationlog in to the online math book.

Use link below to log into IXL and the math text book via clever.