Ms. Spearman


June 10, 2020


I have not posted anything new the past couple of weeks because this is the last week of school. I have allowed students to do the assignments I have posted since we have started virtual learning to improve their grades and to achieve at least a 75 % on those assignments. I appreciate all the hard work some of you have done to get those assignments in to me.

Friday is the last day of school. Have a wonderful summer. 

Most of you have done very well and I am so proud of all you. I miss each of you so much and this has been by far been one of my best years of teaching, until it was interrupted. I had amazing students this year. I loved coming to work. 

Please feel free to reach out anytime with any questions or just to say hello.

I will post weekly and students may work at their convenience to complete reviews and other activities or assignments. 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. My office hours to get a quick response will be Tuesdays from 12 to 1:30. However, you can email me anytime and I will respond as soon as I am able. Math is scheduled for Wednesdays 8:30 to 10:00 weekly if you want to go with school schedule and do the assignments at that time.  

Target calendars are here for you to reference, as well.  I will post objectives and resources here. Also, I send out emails a few times a week with reminders and helpful links/resources.   

If you are not receiving them please email me so I can send you the information.  

Here is the calculator link for you.

If you need to get to Clever, go to files and documents on the left and find the document titled CLEVER. This will take you to all your resources

If students are working in IXL they should choose one or two objectives each day and work there until they achieve the badges for that objective before moving to another objective.  Students may use their notebooks to reference skills. 

Textbooks,  IXL ,  Kahn Academy and other  resources are accessible through Clever by using Office 365 accounts. The textbooks are called Big Ideas and we have used them in the past. 
I have visited Kahn Academy and I see some of you have registered. If you have not, when you have time please go in through Clever and use your 365 accounts to register.  You may choose to do any of the lessons but I sent out the review for expressions for  this week through email. 

These are the textbooks for each class.
7th grade math is Big Ideas Course 2 
7 Extended and 8th grade are Big Ideas Course 3.

Tuesday May 26 all classes:

This week I have not posted new assignments. 

If you would like to improve your final grade for the year please look at assignments on my page and get assignments you would like to work on and complete them. 

If you complete all assignments with a 75% or better this will give you the opportunity to have your final cumulative year end grade adjusted. 

You can start with any of the assignments and I can see your work and whether you have done the activities. 

You must go in through clever. You can get the directions on how to access clever under files and documents on my page.

The  assignments are listed below by grade level, class period, and dates.
Please reach out if you have any questions. 

8th grade 7th period
May 18 -22

We will begin to review slope.
Please go in and set up your account on Khan Academy if you have not (most of you have done this). You do not have to do it all in one day. Take your time and work through it and learn the concepts. Please reach out if you have questions. 
Please watch the video, do the activities, and take the quiz on Slope so I can see your work when I go in Khan Academy. The link is here to show you what you should be doing. Please login to your account.
Also, you may choose to do IXL for Slope or you may want additional practice. Please go to 8th grade math and do objectives Y.1 and Y.2.
You may do assignments  more than once, try to achieve at 75% on any quizzes and practice you do for  me. Please go through Clever to do all your work. 

7th Grade Math  1st and 2nd pds 
May 18 -May 22
This week we will continue with the proportional reasoning by looking at the graphs. Please review to notebooks if you have them. Go through Clever and go to IXL and practice in 7th grade math objectives K.1, K.4, and K.10. Please try to get at least a 75% and you can do them more than once. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

7th Extended 3rd and 4th pds
May 18 -May 22
Please go in through Clever and go to Brain Pop. You have assignments there on Proportional Reasoning.

7th grade 1st and 2nd pd 
May 11- May 15

This week we are going to We are reviewing proportions. I know some of you are familiar with nearpod or are using it in other classes. The link for Nearpod is under student links on the Benton web-page.  Go to nearpod and use this code to get to your interactive lesson. 

7 Extended and 8th grade 3rd and 4th pd and 7th pd 
May 11 - May 15 

This week we are reviewing inequalities. Look at the following videos:

Then go to Brain Pop through Clever and watch that movie and take the quiz.

7th grade 1st and 2nd pds 
May 4- 8
No IXL this week :)

This week we are reviewing rates, ratios, and unit rates. 
Click on the Brain Pop link below or copy and paste.

Please watch this video and complete the worksheet. It was also assigned to you in your clever. After completing the activities please take the review quiz. 
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

7X and 8th grade 
May 4- 8
No IXL this week :)

This week we are reviewing the distributive property and equations with parentheses and multi-step equations. 
Click on the link below and watch the video to refresh your memory on distributive property, then take the review quiz.

After completing that you should click on this link from Khan Academy or you can go to Clever and complete it there. Please make sure you go in through Clever or login in your account to complete. There is review and hints and practice problems. Please reach out if you have any questions.

7th grade 1st and 2nd periods
April 29 - May 1st 
Last week we reviewed equations, this week we will work on inequalities.
Click the link below and watch the movie. And then try the quiz on inequalities.
After completing the video and review quiz on Brainpop go to IXL 7th grade and you may use objectives in section T for review. If you are confident you may go to 7th grade T.5 and T.6 and complete those sections. Try to achieve at least a 75 % or higher for mastery. 

X and 8th grade 3rd, 4th, and 7th periods
April 29-May 1, 2020

We will review evaluating expressions this week. Start with these videos
to refresh your memory.
After reviewing the videos, go to IXL 8th grade math, section V. 
Do sections V.4 through V.9. Try to achieve at 75% on each section for mastery. 

Also, we are going to review combining like terms. Click on the links below to watch the video.
After watching the videos go to IXL, but go to Algebra 1 section and do objective I.3. 

April 20 -April 24
Review of 2-step equations
Watch the video and complete the vocabulary activity in the link below. Click on the link or copy and paste in browser.

April 20-April 24

Review multi-step equations
Watch the video on multi-step equations.

8th GRADE 7th period 
April 14
The last thing we were working on was Composite Figures. If you would like to improve your grade for composite figures you may go to IXL Math 8 and do objective T.4, when you have completed it email me or I will go check each student's score and if you have a better score than you have on those formative grades in the grade-book I will change the grade to reflect your smart score and that will bring your grade up for the quarter. This must be done by Wednesday, April 22 because grades end on Friday, April 24, 2020.
Please login through Clever

7th Extended  3rd AND 4th periods 
April 14
If students would like to bring up grades  they may go to IXL 8th grade math T.4 and when they achieve a good score they may email me and/or I will go and check smart scores and change the grades for composite figures classwork. Please have this done by Wednesday, April 22, 2020 because grades end on Friday, April 24,  2020. 

7th grade 1st and 2nd periods
April 14 
If you would like to improve your grade you may go to IXL objectives X.6,X.7,X.8 and X.9. When you have completed these and you are pleased with your smart score email me and I will go and check it. I will change the grades for these objectives to improve your grade for the quarter. Please have this done by Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Grades are due for 3rd quarter on Friday, April 24, 202

April 14- April 17 
All math classes. 
Square Roots 
Here's a  short movie to refresh your memory on square roots. Click on the link or copy and paste in your browser.
Watch the movie and do the vocabulary activity. 
Here are two links to review for perfect squares and square roots.

March 30 thru April 3 

7 TH GRADE MATH  Chapter 2 in textbook starts on page 30. Follow examples and exercises on page 35; numbers 7,8, and 9. 
Then p. 38-39; try activity 4 on page 39; a through d.
Go to IXL 7th grade math and practice R.1-R.8. Do a little each day and don't move on until you earn your badges in IXL.

March 30 thru April 3 

Chap 1 in textbook review pages 1-9.
Try exercises on page 6 and 7; 5-7.
Go to IXL 8th grade math 
Review Objectives C.8 and E.9 complete and get a badge
Also do objectives V.1-V.9.

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