Mr. Vandivere

Virtual Schoolhouse

  • Instruction -- Tuesday 8:30-10:00
  • Office Hours -- Thursday 12:00-1:30
April 21 Lesson: Nearpod
April 28 Lesson: PDF

How to improve ELA grade from home:

  • UPDATE: I fixed the broken links in the PDF. In this document, you'll find links to online activities you can complete for each of the summative or formative grades (except for those for our essay) in the grade book. Email me if you need help or have completed an activity.

What to do about Language Arts while all VA schools are closed:

  • Stay in touch with me via my email, on Twitter at, and on our Teams page (I've enabled the discussion feature -- keep it appropriate, y'all!).

  • All materials needed to complete the persuasive essay that some students had yet to submit before schools were closed can be found on our class Teams page.

  • The standards that we worked on before school closed are checked off in this document.

  • Check out the PWCS optional home learning info here:

  • READ! Read what you want to read. Graphic novels, fiction, nonfiction, online articles...just read. I read a lot of library books on my phone because it doesn't require me to go anywhere and ebooks never incur late fees. Here's a link to get a digital library card from the public library:

  • Keep a daily journal. This is an unprecedented time in our history. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Use your journal if you have it. A book you might like to try reading to help you put our experience in context is The Diary of Anne Frank.

  • Using Clever, log into IXL. Try completing the diagnostic to find out what standards you should spend time on.

  • Log onto using Office 365. You can't see me dance to the songs, but just use your imagination to visualize all my sick moves.